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Rebirth Festival
19  - 20 August 2023

Nature's rebirth demonstrates the exquisite and enchanting manner in which everything can undergo transformation. Following a period of decline, the social financial sector undergoes a phase of reform and innovation. This serves as yet another manifestation of rebirth. The festival's name has been carefully selected to evoke a profound sense of renewal and inspiration, promoting a harmonious coexistence between nature and society!


A few words about the festival:


Rebirth is a contemporary electronic music dance festival that has started to slowly but steadily improve and evolve, including other activities such as Ecstatic Dance and art installations.


In our profound attempt to uplift our spirits and souls through self-organization and unconditional offerings to nature and community, in 2022 - a year after the devastating fires in Northern Evia - we came together to create the first Rebirth festival. Our efforts were oriented towards a healing artistic manifestation.


Without support from labels and sponsors, but immersed in love and caring, the Rebirth festival seeks to become a source of inspiration and self-awareness, leading to a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.


Rebirth is financially supported by its members. There is no entrance fee, but we would be grateful for everyone's support, through the donation support box that will go around during the festival. A limited number of t-shirts, for those who wish to keep the festival’s essence for a longer period of time and contribute to the cause, will also be available. Water bottles, ice, juices, fruits will be handed out for free (we are grateful to those who plan ahead and bring their own).


Unfortunately, there won't be a bar, but you are more than welcome to bring any soft drinks and alcohol!


Hugs and smiles are also free, so please try to share as many as possible!!!

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