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Dirty Talk

The "Dirty Talk" events are an annual electronic music event that takes place during Halloween at St. Anna Village in North Evia, a small yet lively village. It is important to note that during the ancient Halloween customs, the use of vulgar language, habits, and curses is permitted and publicly organized through parades, songs, and theatrical sketches in order to appease the ancient gods and achieve personal relief by purifying the soul.

For three weeks, culminating on the third Monday (known as Clean Monday), everyone gathers at the village's central square to partake in the custom. The first "Dirty Talk" event occurred on February 6th and 7th, 2011, during the last weekend of Halloween, and continued this way for three consecutive years. Due to the dual celebration (Halloween and the party simultaneously), we considered changing the event's date to the beginning of Halloween.

Throughout these years, many great DJs from our country have participated, and DJs from various countries have honored us with their presence. Without any external funding or sponsors, we rely on our own finances, friends, and connections to organize the events exactly the way we desire, in old factories, abandoned bars, and outdoor locations such as fields and the seaside.

In addition to our positive energy and actions, this is a challenging period for us, and any assistance from anyone would be greatly appreciated, whether it be financial support through a small entrance fee, craftwork contributions, decorations, or simply consideration and friendship. Our goal is to develop the North Evia region, showcasing its natural beauty and heritage, while also promoting young independent musicians.

In other words:
We do it because we believe in what we love.
We expect you to live a true experience.

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