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Image by Marissa Rodriguez



~Generators is an artistic community centered around electronic music production. It was established in 2007 in the quaint village of Agia Anna, located in North Evia. The core objective behind its inception was to foster a vibrant space where artists and musicians could come together, collaborate, and produce distinctive music. The community not only empowers artists to showcase their individual creativity but also cultivates and nourishes their audiences. Initially launched by two individuals, Generators has now expanded its membership to include talented individuals from various parts of the world.

Such events are:
Closer To The Light (Summer 2012)
Seven (Spring 2013)
Plundered My Soul (Automn 2013)
Sunstroke (July 2014)
Far Away (Winter 2014)
Animals Union (Automn 2014)
Lampateria, Dry Techno Stage (Automn 2016)
Dirty Talk (2011 - 2024) ...

Following The Spirit Of Rave...
Freedom And Authenticity...~

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