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  The "dIRTY tALK" events are an annual Electronic Music Event which takes place during Greek Halloween at sT. aNNA Village in North Evia,a small but restless village.It is worth mentioning that during the ancient custom of Greek Halloween...bad language - habits and curses are permitted and actually publically organized through parades - songs and theatrical sketches in order to please the ancient Gods and have personal relief by purifying the soul.For 3 weeks with an ultimate breakout at the 3rd Monday (Clean Monday as we call it) everyone is gathered at the villages central squarein order to participate in the custom.The first "dIRTY tALK" took place at 6 & 7 of Febuary 2011 at the last weekend of Halloween and kept it this way for 3 consecutive years.Because of the double feast (Halloween and Party at the same time) we considered changing the Event's date to the begging of the Halloween.Through out these years many great djs from Greece have participated as long as many Djs from different countries honoured us with their presence.Without any outside funding, such as sponsors etc. we try with our own money, friends and connections to manage our own events in the exact way wewant them to be, in old factories, abandoned bars and places in the fields and the sea. Thats why we have formed a group of people, an artistic team, a kollektive: the gENERATORS cOMMUNITY.Besides our positive energy and actions, this is a very tough period for us and any help from anyone would be apreciated (financially with a small entrance fee,or craftworks,decoration or just concideration and friendship!)Our goal is to develop the area of North Evia, its natural beauties and legacy, as long as the promotion of young independant musicians.
In other words: we do it because we believe in what we love.
We expect you to live a true experience.
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